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Decapedia is an encyclopedia on the number 10. It has all the information on 10 you'll ever need. Go Decis!!!

Decyclopedia is just one in an army of Uncyclopedia clones that are arming up to take over the world. Unlike Uncyclopedia, however, Decyclopedia is perfect and has absolutely no flaws whatsoever. Before you start adding shit about how one of your classmates pissed you off, see this.

Nothing said on here is true, which means that this statement is false. However, if this statement is false, then that means everything said on here is true, which means that this statement is also true. This means that this statement is true and false at the same time. This is called the Decyclopedia Paradox.

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To the IP who won't stop spamming things about "PR0N BAD SAVE MINECRAFT CANCEL DREAM", please stop. It's not funny.