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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability for computers to think for themselves (though as we all know, computers can't actually think, and therefore AI is a huge waste of time). However, current AI is so dumb that the phrase "artifical stupidity" was coined to mock it.

I'm too lazy to keep writing, so I got an AI to write it for me.[edit | edit source]

OK, so AI still is not exactly "superhuman", but it's learning, which means it has potential to do a lot of jobs, just like humans can. Of course, we're not going to give them general intelligence, as that's way too hard for any human to achieve. But there are a lot of workarounds. One of the simplest is to teach AI by example.

In their paper "Artificial Intelligence by Example," researchers at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and New York University claim to have developed "the first open-source set of teaching methods that leverage the data and computer power of a human brain." The work involved showing the AI computer images, and the scientists gave the AI an AI to teach itself.

The researchers claim that "the students", or the AI, were trained to recognize the human figures in the images without any explicit instructions on what was a human, an animal, or something else. The AI, or "students", could then spot the correct object after seeing other objects.

The paper published in the journal Nature says:

"We were surprised that our teaching method could improve the AI students' performance on a training set with images of faces by an average of 13.9 percent in less than an hour. Compared to most previous work in this area, our approach is a powerful and scalable one, and it also opens the possibility of allowing a human teacher to develop one's own training examples."

The researchers explain that the process of teaching by example is known as reinforcement learning, and it's a way for AI to learn by trial and error. As you can see from the video below, the AI is able to work out what's happening in the images just by looking at them, and it isn't until the program has seen enough images of the same thing that it starts to get an idea of what's a human and what's not.


And that's the end. Actually, this is frighteningly good for a rebuttal from an AI. I take back what I said.

Bonus: Decyclopedia described by InferKit[edit | edit source]

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