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COVID-19 (Virus Joker) is the name of a Chinese virus that took over the world. It started when a mentally challenged couple decided to eat a raw bat laced with frog poop, monkey soup, and pissed meat in Wuhan, inadvertently catching a virus that eventually killed more than 300,000 stupid people.

In Italy, this coronga was dominating the whole fucking thing, killing more than eight thousand Italians.

In Brazil, the shit has been spreading because the IDIOTS of the Brazilian people don't know what it's like to stay at home, so they go out to get their ass in Pracuúba.

How to stop COVID-19[edit | edit source]

  1. If you dislike vaccines for any reason: There is no way to stop it. The only way out is to give up.
  2. If you're none of the above: Get vaccinated (if you're not already). And force everyone you know to get vaccinated (if they aren't already). And kill anyone who dislikes vaccines (see above).