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In Search of Santa is Christmas movie from 2004.

Plot[edit source]

How the fuck am I supposed to know?

Why It Should be on the Naughty List and the Ice Caps should Melt and Kill all the penguins!!!!!!!!!!!![edit source]

  1. The plot bad.
  2. Seriously, the plot is fucking horrible.
  3. Cheap graphics that look like they come from a early PS2 game.
  4. Sound effects that sound like they are from a stock effect website.
  5. The lip-syncing is off in some places.
  6. The Terribly Deep Thinkers (I wAtCheD tHE mOvIE, dONt tELl Me I dIDNt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) are unlikable, as they conspire with Princess Lucinda sister to get Crystal dethroned and even TAKE CRYSTAL TO COURT FOR LETTING THE PENGUINS KNOW ABOUT SANTA, whom they call a "human lie".
  7. I don't like penguins

Good Qualities[edit source]

  1. The Penguin King and Queen are likable (though the King tries to get Crystal to admit that Santa is fake)
  2. The voice acting is good.

Reception[edit source]

In Search of Santa currently has a 4.9 rating on IMDb.

References[edit source]