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This article has a lot of sexy images/words, which means that it most likely would pass for erotica. You may just find yourself fapping about halfway through, or you may explode from spontaneous combustion. CAN YOU HANDLE THE SEXINESS!?

*fap fap fap*

Kayla was afraid of going off the high dive. After changing into her bathing suit, a two-piece blue bikini, she pissed herself to relieve some pressure. Don't ask me why she did that. The bitch is kinky. Anyway, she backed to the end of the diving board. She dove into the water and pissed in it, grossing out everyone in the water. Then Kayla went home and fapped to lesbian porn, still wearing the blue bikini that she pissed in. Then she pissed in it some more. Then Kayla got tired of cleaning up her piss, so she decided to start wearing diapers and suck a pink pacifier, even though that won't help. The fucking end.

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