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This article has a lot of sexy images/words, which means that it most likely would pass for erotica. You may just find yourself fapping about halfway through, or you may explode from spontaneous combustion. CAN YOU HANDLE THE SEXINESS!?

*fap fap fap*

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You are a 23-year-old white woman with no pants on. As you sit on your bed, you feel the urge to pee. You decide that a 3 Piece Crispy Chicken Dinner from Sonic would help. You hop in your Kia, still without pants, and buy it for $10.99. When you arrive home, you set your chicken dinner on your bed, and for some reason, you decide to take off everything you have on, except for your shirt and green panties. As you eat your dinner, the urge to pee gets worse. You desperately try to hold it in, but to no avail, and pee soaks your panties.

You suddenly realize that the bathroom door was unlocked. However, you smile slowly and start rubbing your vagina through your pee-soaked panties. You knew.