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Miraheze is a free, not-for-profit wiki hosting service that uses MediaWiki version 1.39.4 (d742933) as its hosting engine, and commits to upgrade to the most recent stable version.

Its code base is publicly available under the BSD license.

It hosts several significant wikis, including the Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin historical societies wiki, the Wisconsin Public Library, and some wikis hosted by the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.

The service is a great place to host wikis for educational institutions or libraries, as it offers an advanced security system that allows for password protection and cross-site scripting prevention.

Users can create wikis without registering or even logins, but with a username and password, for example to access educational wikis hosted on the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Miraheze was named one of the Best Online Services for Academic Libraries by Libraries Online.

Other notable users of Miraheze: Wisconsin Capitol Papers, National Library of Medicine, and the Wisconsin Historical Society's Wisconsin legislative services.

A software package called gEdison (at least also an interesting name) was created by some librarians to allow to view wikis through a paperless browser.