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Uncyclopedia is a satirical online encyclopedia that parodies Wikipedia.

"Uncyclopedia" offers a few differences, such as an absurdly simplified and fictionalized history and layout.

The wiki can be accessed in many different languages, and it has over 8 million articles.

The articles are written in a made-up language called Un- and consist of lists of "factoids".

Notable early contributors include Nathan J. Robinson, Joshua Tucker, Andrew J. Offner, Curtis Yarvin, and Alex Whiting.

The site's owners said that they started "Uncyclopedia" in July 2006 to "provide a genuine alternative to Wikipedia".

The site went live on May 19, 2007.

As of January 2018, the site had been visited over a billion times.

"Uncyclopedia" was originally created in part as a joke response to the popularity of Wikipedia, and was intended to be a parody Wikipedia.

It has received some criticism for its classification of a range of subjects as "falsehoods", most notably of myths, hoaxes, and rumours.

Similar to Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia contains a number of articles, each one of which is often a list of "factoids".

As "Uncyclopedia" is written in ungrammatical English, many of the words have been adapted for the purpose.

"Uncyclopedia" has a very limited spell checker and does not attempt to have a scholarly tone or be accurate.

For example, the name of the article on LSD is listed as "LSDI" (a slightly altered spelling), as is the same for other words like "joke".

The article on James Bond, for example, is referred to as "007", and the article on the United States' 2012 electoral system is referred to as "US/vot" rather than the correct "US 2012".

"Uncyclopedia" covers a wide range of subjects, from entertainment to politics and science.

"Uncyclopedia" currently offers articles on topics ranging from the fictional works of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov to the internet slang of the popular Facebook application, "Poke".