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This is a critique (actually, roast would be more accurate) of bad reviews relating to Fandom. This might actually be popular enough to start its own wiki.

Me vs fandom, and fandom is making this personal like the quackity Roblox raid. (Abigblueworld, Sitejabber)[edit source]

Well, this is interesting. A review made by an LTA about their experience vandalizing Fandom. Let's take a look, shall we?

"Made 3 accounts to stop them from banning me. And, well... there winning.

Abigbluecitybuilding is the first account, got banned by spam protect in 1 day. Vandal. Agood-dayfor-walks is my alt, for normal stuff, got banned by, again, spam protect in less then 24 hours. Same reason."

Looks like a skill issue. Fandom's really kicking your ass.

"Now, the fight is still going, I made a account called thebluewater, and here comes the final, deja vu >:)

But this time, thebluewater wouldn't be for vandal, it will be a normal account so they can learn their lesson. This is like the quackity event, but this, ohh no... there making this battle extreme!"

If your "normal" alt was banned in less than a day, what makes you think that making another one with the same purpose will be different? Also, please remember the difference between there and they're. They're is the correct word to use in the second sentence of the second paragraph above.

"Anyways, the site is ok, it's colorful, but they can ban you like you're Adolf hitler making a account from his grave. Like, they need to calm down."

Word. Now I have to prepare for the possibility that bigblue finds this page and starts vandalizing. See ya later.

Great website, but rude admins and moderators (Sophia L., Sitejabber)[edit source]

"I love Fandom, it allows teenagers to edit on pages, socialize with great people, comment on stuff and literally very good things on the internet. However, some admins and administrators on some wikis are quite rude. For an example, on The Teen Titans Wiki, there is this administrator named Darkmaster345 he doesn't even allow people to become administrators/moderators because himself and the two of his friends (SkyRider747 and PyroGothNerd) are enough which I completely disagree with. And also on the Disney Wiki, one of the most active wikis of all, there is this moderator named Arabela13 over there and all she shows to me is rudeness and cynicism."

First off, do you not realize how bad Fandom is? There are ads everywhere (the biggest mistake you can make is browsing Fandom without an adblocker), the staff are corrupt (they will not allow you to move your wiki off Fandom. At all), and its skin is awful. The only true benefit to Fandom is its Admin Dashboard, which even Miraheze has and improved on.

I hate to defend Fandom, but...actually, this is concerning its community, not its staff, so it's okay. To start, you haven't explained why the Teen Titans Wiki needs more admins. Is it suffering from a massive vandalism attack or something? Second, the moderator of the Disney Wiki that you mentioned does have a point that any image (including fanmade ones) can show up on Google Images. But I haven't seen the actual image, so I can't truly decide if it's real (and I'm not authorized to, anyway).

This is where the concluding paragraph would be, but this rant is really short, and Fandom doesn't deserve to be discussed any further. After all, the first rule of Miraheze is, "You don't talk about Fandom." And if it isn't, it should be.