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This article has a lot of sexy images/words, which means that it most likely would pass for erotica. You may just find yourself fapping about halfway through, or you may explode from spontaneous combustion. CAN YOU HANDLE THE SEXINESS!?

*fap fap fap*

What will follow are journal entries from Julie Williams and Mary, the lead engineers of Google Sites from 2008-2016. These entries express their thoughts.

Julie[edit source]

10/9/2009[edit source]

I showed up to my job in just my bra and panties today, you know, just to see what my coworkers would think. You have to admit I looked sexy!

10/11/2009[edit source]

John fucked me today. It was like pure pleasure.

10/30/2009[edit source]

I decided to try masturbating while wearing panties today. At this rate, my laundry will double.

11/13/2009[edit source]

I wore my white lacy bra and panties today. I was holding it the entire day, and when I got home, I really had to piss. I got my clothes off before I pissed in my panties. But it felt good, for some reason.

12/29/2009[edit source]

I caught Mary going through my panty drawer again. But I'm not mad at her, though. One day, we're just gonna hang out in just our underwear. Not even say a word. Just kick back and watch YouTube.

1/19/2010[edit source]

I got a vibrator last night. I used it to cum in my pink panties. The funny thing is that right after I came, Mary came in and she showed me her wet panties. She told that she had came in them.

1/21/2010[edit source]

I love wet panties. I love when my panties are soaked by my cum or pee. However, I visited my doctor today, and he told me that I had urinary incontinence. I think I'll wear Pull-Ups from now on.

2/1/2010[edit source]

I watched Mary in just her panties today. Suddenly, I felt horny and started rubbing my vagina through my Pull-Ups. I think I may be a lesbian.

2/23/2010[edit source]

It's official: I love wet diapers, especially if I overflow my diaper and it starts leaking.

6/19/2010[edit source]

I just found out that I don't actually have urinary incontinence. But I think I might still wear diapers a few days a week.

7/9/2010[edit source]

I finally had sex with Mary today, and it was beautiful. I started by kissing her for a couple of minutes, rubbing her naked body as I did. I worked my way to her crotch and started rubbing her vagina through her panties. After she came, I let her do the same to me. We both creamed our panties.

1/2/2016[edit source]

I just found out that they're replacing all of the engineers of Google Sites, except for me. I always knew that I was sexy, but I never expected it to save my job!

3/17/2017[edit source]

I decided to quit my job at Google to focus on porn. I don't regret a thing.

Mary[edit source]

10/13/2009[edit source]

Okay, I admit that I have been wearing Julie's panties. I like wearing them. Her panties are a lot sexier and more beautiful than mine, and when I wear them, I look really sexy!

1/18/2010[edit source]

Today, I felt horny and decided to start masturbating. I moaned with pleasure. I then started using a vibrator on my pussy and moaned louder. After about seven or eight minutes, I came in my panties. Afterward, I showed my wet panties to Julie. She then showed me her wet panties from her orgasm.

7/10/2010[edit source]

Julie fucked me yesterday. What a great time that was!

1/1/2016[edit source]

I just found out that I'm getting fired as part of the Google Sites rebrand. What will I do now? :(

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