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Potato looking thing[1] (formerly named Uncyclopedia) is a bad italian porcodiocane[2] unfunny site that tried to be funny with extremely strict admins.[3] WARNING: most of the admins are retarded.[4] Its logo, a hollow "puzzle potato", parodies beautiful, elegant Wikipedia's globe puzzle logo.[5]

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Structure[edit source]

Uncensored is built on the same Mediation software that Wikipedia uses. However, during Fandom's (Windows) hosting of Uncensored, Fandom extensively modified its version of Mediation version 1.19, making the Fandom Uncensored site incompatible with later Mediation versions. In May 2018, Fandom dropped support for the Montauk skin that its Uncensored site had used to mimic Wikipedia, claiming this was necessary to achieve GDPR compliance, and warned that local work-arounds could not be extended to new visitors and editors by default.[7]

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