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A person tries to build a house. They have a few of their neighbors come to help. They are all working very nicely and organized-like, as you would expect from people who are trying to build a house.
Soon, a building inspector comes by. The inspector notices the stairs and pulls out a tape measure. "Those stairs ain't right", he said.
The builder replies: "They aren't finished yet."
The inspector moves on. "This wall isn't thick enough", the inspector says nonchalantly. "And it's made of cardboard."
"Of course it isn't", the builder replies. "We haven't finished it yet."
"And look!" the inspector cries. "There is no roof! The owners of this house will be very angry when they get rained on."
"They won't!" the builder retorts, "because when it's done, there will be a roof!"
The inspector replies, "Why didn't you put in a roof in the first place?"
The builder says, "Because we--"
The inspector cuts him off. "This foundation is gelatin mixed with kindergarten paste! This house is shit, John. It's going down." The next day, the house was torn down.

This story in a nutshell: try to at least build an article halfway and don't hope it'll build itself. Although it usually does.