Decyclopedia:The Semi-formal list of things you can and cannot do

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This is The Semi-formal list of things you can and cannot do.

You can:

  1. Write shit.
  2. Be funny.
  3. Be funny.
  4. Be funny.
  5. And be funny. That's basically all it boils down to.
  6. Also, try to make your articles more than one sentence long, since I can't be bothered to actually write content (most of the time).

You cannot:

  1. Be unfunny.
  2. Remove the funny.
  3. Advertise your antivirus software (unless you're Unistal Systems)
  4. Post instructions on how to buy magic mushrooms.
  5. Write an article about how someone on YouTube with 10 subscribers pissed you off.
  6. Somehow figure out a way to magically delete this list.
  7. Invite 4chan users to this wiki.
  8. Write a 30-page story about banging your 15-year-old girlfriend.
  9. Be a failed artist so you can become a German politician and make a plan to exterminate the Jews and post your propaganda here.
  10. Write an article about how you inherited your Nigerian king father's riches and need someone to hold onto it.
  11. Upload your family photos here. This is a humor wiki, not iCloud.
  12. Post your suicide note here.
  13. Steal content from other humor wikis. I did this for a long time and now I realize how bad it was.
  14. Turn this wiki into a baking wiki.
  15. Because all of the above violates the Content Policy.