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Author of Decyclopedia...
and Free Editing Wiki user, big difference!

Free Editing Wiki is a crazy_AF encyclopedia that was actually invented by a schizophrenic. It's our equivalent of Illogicopedia.

history[edit | edit source]

Free Editing Wiki was created by aliens in the future, but seriously, I don’t even know what it is at all...

articles[edit | edit source]

Almost all of them are stubs, because the author is too lazy to earn them, that is, they are cigarette butts.

Free Editing Wiki VS Decyclopedia[edit | edit source]

  • Our humor is much funnier than there. (Even though it wasn't meant for humor.)
  • In many articles there are not even pictures, that is, they are very lazy
  • We have more articles, but Free Editing Wiki may have less quality standards than us.
  • In general, Free Editing Wiki is not for us.

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