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Wikisplodebig.gif For the people that have lost their sense of humor, the nerds at Wikipedia have an article about Google.

Gooooooooogle is an evil multi-zillion dollar company that plots to take over the world by operating the most popular search engine to ever exist and a few other things.


The Russian government created Google in 1995 to combat Yahoo, the most popular search engine at the time. The United States government created Yahoo in 1994 because the Internet needed a search engine. In 1997, Google went online. Because it had the most accurate search results, Google quickly became the most popular search engine in the United States. However, this attempted Russian takeover backfired because the United States bought Google for 5 sextillion dollars immediately after it became the most popular search engine. Yahoo wasn't happy about this, so they tried to buy Google for 18 octillion dollars. Google refused. And Yahoo was sold to Verizon for 4.6 billion dollars in 2016.

Google Sites

Want more? Check out Google Sites!

In 2007, the United States government bought website-creating tools from Japan for 8 million dollars. The United States hired Julie Williams (then known as Julie Vee), John Johnson, Mark Jones (then known as Mark Jacobson), and Mary Smith to develop Google Sites. Google Sites would turn out to be a spectacular flop until 2016, when they completely redesigned it.

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