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Homosexual Agenda...

Homosexuality - attraction to people of the same sex, regardless of their orientation, in general, Homosexuality isn’t a crime.

Scientific approach[edit | edit source]

Gays are actually volunteers for the worst sex in the world, it's a scientific fact!

Homosexual nationalism[edit | edit source]

For many years, gays have been fighting for their love. for example, the guy umm... for example, Jack loves Roger, something like this

Gay future[edit | edit source]

they know about AIDS...

male sexual intercourse[edit | edit source]

In 690 BC The philosopher Aristotle wrote about one of the most important moral dilemmas in the history of philosophy, which has come to be known as the "male sexual intercourse paradox". This dilemma discusses the question - if a man sleeps with a man for testing, does he make it more gay (because he slept with a man) or more straight (because he tested and saw that he did not like it)?

Supporters of her cause have worked to ensure that a transcript of this statement is available online. Ze'ev Jabotinsky stated that "I have tried it several times.

On the other hand, among the supporters of the opinion in favor of male intercourse is Nitzan Horowitz, who argued that “yes, it is very important to have sexual intercourse with boys and as many boys as possible. Lie many, many times to be 100% sure you're straight.

in American history[edit | edit source]

homosexuality in the United States is currently common, but there has been no history of homosexuality. yes, you understood correctly. homosexuality in men has not been in history, understand?