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I don't know what that is. I don't follow politics. Um...liberals are Democrats?

What are liberals?[edit | edit source]

Traditionally, liberals were defined as people who have romantic relationships with all elements of society. However, it is more commonly used as a term for any moderate Communist.

Types of Liberal Party Members[edit | edit source]

Libtard[edit | edit source]

Libtards are liberals with opinions generally considered unintelligent by every other political party.

Librandus[edit | edit source]

Librandus are urban Naxals from India with a common political aim: to overthrow the government of India, dismantle its secular constitution, and establish and impose a communist Abrahamic regime under a sharia constitution. These Sharia Bolshevists envision Dr. Zakir Naik and the Pope as the supreme leaders of their utopia and wish to bring India under the mighty rule of the Arab Empire.

They oppress the viraat upper-caste Hindus via economic boycott and wish to convert all Hindus into Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. They aspire to take down the Indian army by uniting with Naxals and carrying out surgical strikes. According to a self-proclaimed rice bag communist on Reddit, once they achieve all of this, they will perform sharia necromancy and resurrect Marx, Engels, Mao, Stalin, Che, Castro, and the Lenin brothers. The librandus will then annex Russia, dethrone Putin and replace him with the newly brought back to life Vladimir Lenin.

The term Librandu is a combination of the words "liberal" and "gaandu". It was coined by chaddis to label anyone who opposed or criticized them or their ideologies. Initially, this term was supposed to be degrading and demeaning, but Thad librandus embraced it and appropriated it for themselves. (epic word jihad) .