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linux is an alternative to windows, but it's for geeks and fat people, it's mostly used by the poor (it's free), or nerds. This is a shiity operating system that is literally unusable and also can't even run most of GAMES!!!! So fuck this system!

Linux distributions[edit | edit source]

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Mint
  • AmogOS
  • hannah montana linux
  • Family guy Linux (distribution from Decyclopedia)
  • arch (btw i use arch)
  • slackware
  • Linuxxx (linux from porn lovers)

Family guy Linux[edit | edit source]

Family guy Linux

this is the linux distro that Tali64³ created, it is the OS that Peter Griffin liked, unlike other linux, it is MUCH funnier, there is no iso image yet