List of cartoons from nickelodeon

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hello everyone, this is a review on Nickelodeon cartoons, no, this is not a review, lando, don't argue, and here is the list.

spongebob squarepants[edit | edit source]

cartoon authors love big mac

cartoon about a sponge who loves his neighbors, his macho friend Patrick, and the boring idiot Squidward.

The Loud House[edit | edit source]

main character prototype

a very boring cartoon, the main character is named after one of the US presidents, Lincoln Loud, and his mentally retarded sisters. no more words.

Penguins of Madagascar (2008)[edit | edit source]


some cartoon based on the movie Madagascar, starring penguins and lemurs, they have a war, and all that.

The Fairly OddParents[edit | edit source]

their main inspiration...

this cartoon is based on our wiki, there is also madness, fairies (we are talking about cosmo and wanda), and girls (Timmy's evil nanny Vicky)

Henry Danger[edit | edit source]

he's not only Danger...

this is not a cartoon, but a series, but he has only one word to say - BORING!