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Princess Peach is best princess <3

— on Princess Peach[1]

Princess Peach (born 13 September 1985) is the weak princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Life[edit | edit source]

Princess Peach was born of 13 September 1985 in the Mushroom Kingdom, an autonomous country in Japan. When she was 10, her father, the Mushroom King, was killed in battle, making her the queen of the kingdom. A year later, the people of the Mushroom Kingdom turned against her, and she abdicated. They established the Mushroom Republic. Howevet, since then, Peach rigs every election that takes place to ensure her re-election.

She is often kidnapped and her kingdom attacked by the evil Ronald McDonald, who wants her to be his queen. Luckily, Mario is there to save the day! When she isn't kidnapped, she often gets angry at Mario for pissing in the castle, but still plays sports with him, for some reason.

Character[edit | edit source]

Just like any other blonde.actually, she can be a bitch

Sometimes, she lets Mario lick her in nasty places.

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