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Protegent is the best Indian antivirus for when you need to surf the Internet and fap to wet panties. It keeps you protected 24/7, 365 days a year. Best of all, Protegent is available for only 15 dollars! Buy it before it disappears at 1-800-IM-PROTO (1-800-467-7686)!

Product Line[edit | edit source]

Below is a more in-depth explanation on why you should buy Protegent now!

Protegent Rap[edit | edit source]

I am Proto,

Security is my motto!

Install me on your computer,

To protect your data better!

With me there no viruses,

Could enter your computer!

Malware, spyware, trojan!

All gone forever!

I filter your junk mail,

Monitor WiFi, never fail!


I'm P-p-p-p-proto! Hacking our competitors is my motto!

I install viruses,

While they surf!

As I know that business running is tough!

I do data loss,

Bringing you to your angry boss!

With 20% less staff,

The company is shining!

I am Proto, viruses is my motto!