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Protegent Total Security Software is World's Only Total Security With Data Recovery Software. It is an advanced security software which goes beyond malware protection and provides extremely advanced protection against spyware, phishing attacks, spam, dangerous applications, suspicious websites & other internet threats. It provides real-time protection along with hourly automatic updates for better protection. It keeps your laptop/ computer safe without slowing it down. It is also capable of detecting and preventing any suspicious web activity or web content. With the help of bi-directional firewall, Protegent Total Security puts a security check on all inbound and outbound data over the web. Protegent Total Security is a feature rich antivirus software which ensures maximum protection over web and for your PC. It is easy to use and easy to install with one click scan option to safeguard your laptop/ computer. Protegent Total Security now comes with advanced cloud protection technology. This ensures 24x7x365 protection for your laptop/ computer with regular real time updates on latest threats.

Protegent Total Security comes with two modules:[edit | edit source]

PROTEGENT TOTAL SECURITY[edit | edit source]

This software doesn’t only provide protection from antivirus or malware but goes beyond protection against viruses, spywares, rootkits and other malicious threats. Protegent Total Security provides extremely advanced protection from viruses, phishing attacks, spam, and other unknown cyber threats and blocks any potentially fatal programs which might affect your PC. It is an advanced antivirus software which provides perfect internet security for safe browsing. Online world is expanding and so are the online threats, Protegent Total Security software is here to protect you from all the threats and blocks them before reaching you. Protegent Total Security makes internet banking, online shopping and online transactions totally safe and secure. It is the best antivirus software to not only protect you from online threats but it is also a very effective parental control tool.

CRASH PROOF[edit | edit source]

Protegent Total Security Solution comes with inbuilt data loss prevention module: Crash Proof which is advanced designed software to protect user’s data that has been accidentally lost, deleted, corrupted or is inaccessible to the user for any reason. Crash Proof is designed to provide 100% assurance to recover large data files and restoring fragmented files post system formatting. Crash Proof saves the image of the file indexes or disk properties and keeps them updated regularly & stored in a protected area. This stored information is later used to recover/restore any lost or deleted files and also can unformat the lost disk as well. Crash Proof is a proactive data recovery software which can also recover lost data from any logical crash and helps to revive the disk back to normal use. Protegent Total Security in addition with crash proof provides best security for your PC. This software can recover all your photos, videos and other important files stored in laptops/ computers which get lost in case of system crash or formatting. The feature rich software is specially developed to cater the needs of every PC.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS[edit | edit source]

Supported Operating Systems[edit | edit source]
  • Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP(Service Pack 3)
Minimum Requirement[edit | edit source]
  • CPU : 450 MHZ, RAM: 1GB, HDD: 450 MB


Advanced Cloud Protection Technology[edit | edit source]

Cloud protection will ensure real time update of threat database, which in turn provides maximum protection and improves performance of your PC.

Antivirus and Antispyware[edit | edit source]

Protegent Total Security safeguards your system against Viruses, Trojans, Spywares, Rootkit, Malware attacks and other online threats.

Antiphishing[edit | edit source]

Blocks all web pages which support virus scams and personal data phishing attempts.

Active virus control[edit | edit source]

Real time protection is an important feature offered by Protegent Total Security Solution. This feature continuously monitors the applications running on computer, looking for malware-like other threats to provide maximum protection.

Web Control[edit | edit source]

Uncontrolled web activity can lead to virus infections and impact productivity, also provides web-filtering capabilities to have a control over what users are doing online and the applications they are using so as to prevent the dangers that can lead to data breaches and other harmful consequences.

Setting Protection[edit | edit source]

This feature helps you save and privatize your settings using a password. This in turn prevents further modifications even if the other user has admin rights.

One Click Removable Device Scan[edit | edit source]

This feature instantly monitors your USB as soon as you plug it in your system.

Hourly Update[edit | edit source]

Protegent Total Security Module updates every hour which ensures the maximum protection for your system from new viruses.

Antispam[edit | edit source]

Antispam feature helps you remove unwanted emails before you download them to your computer. This feature instantly filters out messages that seem suspicious. The “weeding out” process makes sure that spam does not gets anywhere inside your mail box. Having Protegent Total Security software’s Antispam protection helps assure that you and your employees do not accidentally open any unfamiliar communication that infects your entire network.

Two-way Firewall[edit | edit source]

Not only prevents hackers from accessing your computer but also malicious programs from retrieving sensitive information without user’s permission. With this software’s double control, any form of unauthorized activity is impossible. Special shields prevent intrusions from local net and Wi-Fi net. Placing itself in the firing line, the bidirectional firewall keeps your PC stay safe & away from the hacker and malware, leaving you calm and relaxed while using your computer and Internet.

Block Ads and Website[edit | edit source]

Pop up ads and insecure websites are a result of your computer being infected by Adware or Spyware. This highly advanced feature even blocks the scam websites which gives you the option to continue further or not.

Smart Code Emulations[edit | edit source]

Protegent removes all Adware/PUP’s which overloads your pc and compromises your privacy. Protegent Threat Research team continuously tracks growing numbers of Adware/PUP’s.

Anti-Ads Protection[edit | edit source]

Anti-ads protection feature removes and blocks all the harmful ads before data is downloaded to your computer.

Protection against Adware/PUP (potentially unwanted programs)[edit | edit source]

Protegent Total Security removes all Adware/PUP’s which overloads your pc and compromises your privacy. Protegent Threat Research team continuously tracks growing numbers of Adware/PUP’s and updates the Protegent Total Security for maximum protection.

Low Foot Prints[edit | edit source]

Newly created signatures are packed together and regularly released to our users in the form of a Threat Signature Foot Print database Update. These updates are rolled out on an hourly basis, 24x7x365 days which keep it up-to-date.

Time Restriction[edit | edit source]

This controls the time spent by your children on web surfing. You can take complete control by allowing or blocking full internet access or categorize them according to your requirements.

Parental Control[edit | edit source]

Safe guard your kids from accessing inappropriate Internet content & cyber bullying based on content categories, such as Porn/Adult. Protegent Total Security has a perfect Parental Control tool.

Zero day Malicious URL Protection[edit | edit source]

Malicious URL Protection feature provides another layer of protection against command and control, botnet’s and other suspicious links.

USB Threat Protection[edit | edit source]

Protegent Total Security malware team has implemented Neural Smart Scan which protects system from unknown USB threats.

Speed Up Your PC[edit | edit source]

Protegent Total Security is very light on your system resources and you don't even notice it is running in the background & protecting you from viruses and other threats.

FEATURES OF CRASH PROOF[edit | edit source]

Deleted File/Folder Recovery[edit | edit source]

Recovers deleted or lost files if they are lost from your PC, even if they are not available in Recycle Bin. Un-format Formatted Drive With this feature, you will be able to even unformat the whole drive, so that any important data, if lost, gets recovered easily and quickly.

Un-format Formatted Drive[edit | edit source]

With this feature, you will be able to even unformat the whole drive, so that any important data, if lost, gets recovered easily and quickly.

Repair Corrupted/ Deleted Partition[edit | edit source]

Protegent leads in as one of the most efficient and reliable data recovery software which recovers or repair lost data even from the damaged or deleted partition. With its powerful recovery option, you will be able to copy all existing data from corrupted volume to a new drive.

Revive in case of FAT/ MFT Corruption[edit | edit source]

This feature builds back your FAT/MFT system and also supports 100 percent recovery in case your file system gets corrupted.