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Recyclable content (also known as free content), is content that can be stolen reused for any purpose without prior written permission. Wikipedia is free content that anyone can edit, use, modify, and distribute. This is a motto applied to all Wikimedia Foundation projects: use them for any purpose as you wish. The Wikimedia Foundation is part of the free culture movement, a social movement that advocates the freedom to freely use and modify creative works without prior permission of the author.

Uncyclopedia calls recyclable content "content-free" and defines it as "the 21st Century's new paradigm of information propagation", which Uncyclopedia has enthusiastically and exponentially embraced by pro-actively leveraging their dedicated team of dynamic content-creation artists to produce valuable and actionable information. Uncyclopedia's content-free paradigm will usher in a new era of revitalized, goal-centered growth, and provide customers and shareholders alike with an intelligible and amortized conceptualization of our dynamic, market-driven game plan. Clear-cut implementation strategies and cutting-edge piecemeal integration techniques pave the way forward, leaving any limitations as merely fictitious misconceptions.

Projects that provide recyclable content exist in several areas of interest, such as software, academic literature, general literature, music, images, video, and engineering. Technology has reduced the cost of publication and reduced the entry barrier sufficiently to allow for the production of widely disseminated materials by individuals or small groups. Projects to provide free literature and multimedia content have become increasingly prominent owing to the ease of dissemination of materials that are associated with the development of computer technology. Such dissemination may have been too costly prior to these technological developments.