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A ritual is a series of events performed at regular intervals. Rituals can either be horrifying or fun, depending on your point of view.

The Day Before Christmas Eve[edit | edit source]

This is a ritual you must perform on December 23rd (the day before Christmas Eve). If you succeed, it will grant you good luck. If you fail, you will be cursed. You must perform the following events:

  1. Find a pair of underwear worn by members of a sex opposite to yours and put it on. (If you're a girl, find boxers. If you're male, find panties.)
  2. When it is completely dark outside, go under the covers of your bed, visit a porn site (such as PornHub) on a portable device with Internet functionality, and type a keyword into the Search box. Click Search.
  3. Within a 20-minute time period, orgasm in the underwear.
  4. When the 20-minute time period is up, go to a different porn site, enter a different keyword, and orgasm in the underwear again within a second 20-minute time period.
  5. When the second 20-minute time period is up, visit a site that you visited that day and browse it for a third 20-minute time period. You must not visit a porn site during that time.
  6. When the third 20-minute time period is up, visit a porn site different from the two you've already visited and enter a keyword different from the two you've used. Orgasm a third time in the underwear within a fourth 20-minute time period.
  7. You have now completed the ritual.