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A schoolgirl skirt.

A skirt is a garment that resembles the lower half of a dress and is above the knee. Many girls like to flash what's under their skirts. Schoolgirls are required by law to wear skirts.

Miniskirt[edit | edit source]

Miniskirts are skirts that are shorter than regular skirts. Well, skirts at least go below the buttocks, but miniskirts very rarely go that low. It is illegal for a miniskirt to be greater than 7.5 inches long.

Zettai Ryouiki[edit | edit source]

Zettai Ryouiki (Japanese for "Absolute Territory") is a grade of how sexy a skirt/dress/dress-length-shirt and stocking/sock combo is by measuring how much bare thigh skin is between the skirt/dress/dress-length-shirt and stockings/socks. Sometimes, shorts are used instead of skirts/dresses/dress-length-shirts.

These are all the grades, F to S:

  • F: The socks only go up to the ankle. 0% sexy. BOO!
  • E: The socks have the same length as crew socks. 12% sexy. Little better.
  • D: The socks go up 3/4 of the way to the knee. 25% sexy. Hmm...
  • C: The socks go up all the way to the knee. 50% sexy. Wow!
  • B: The socks go up over the knee. 63% sexy.
  • A: The socks are very high. 100% sexy! *fap fap fap*
  • S: The socks almost go up (or completely go up) into the skirt/dress/dress-length-shirt/shorts. OMG 1000% SEXY WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fapping intensifies*

Advantages to Wearing a Skirt[edit | edit source]

  • People can see your panties. Unless you're not wearing any panties. Then they saw your pussy. Unless you happen to be a Scottish man. Then the person looking up your skirt just saw a penis that isn't his or hers (yes, hers). And unless they're gay or a straight girl, they're disgusted by it.
  • You can masturbate without much issue.
  • The person looking up your skirt can pull your panties down (again, unless you're a Scottish man) and start licking your pussy or start sucking your she-penis (if you're a shemale).
  • And that's it!