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South Park — evil and Nazi German American Animated Series, designed specifically for idiot£s and Nazis in the lower grades, the main purpose of which is to educate a very strange generation and introduce it to culture and morality, such as Nazism, conservapedia, and more.

plot[edit | edit source]

first option:four Nazis travel in humid countries, such as school, usa, deworld and others. second option:they killed Kenny.

main characters[edit | edit source]

  • Eric CartmanNazi.
  • Stan Marsh — an idiot who once wanted to be for Nazism, but became a nerd.
  • Kyle Broflofsky — Jew, not Nazi.
  • Kenny — he is often killed, initially this series is about him.
  • Kenny McCormick — his clone, when he dies, he becomes a kenny.

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