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Weegee is a powerful god-like being created at the beginning of time by Basement Cat (at the same time that Ceiling Cat created Happycat). He has the power to turn people into clones of himself using his death stare. He is part of a wider species known as Geemans. He is rumoured to be related to the late Malleo, though this is highly disputed.

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Weegee Virus Stare - This stare gives you the Weegee Virus, which turns you into a Weegee Clone.
  • Instant Death Stare - Another stare that instantly kills its victim.
  • Teleportation - Weegee can teleport anywhere.

Namesakes[edit | edit source]

  • The Weegee Channel: The Weegee Channel is a TV channel that plays a picture of Weegee all day. It once scared King Harkinian and CD-i Link into ripping the TV out of their new car. It's on channel 8. Weegee launched it in 1969 to spread his virus, but it turns out you have to look at him in person to be infected, and it was shut down by the FCC in 2009. However, it came back in 2011, as a pirate station.
  • The Weegee advertising campaign of 2019: The Weegee advertising campaign of 2019 was an attempt by Weegee's Army to brainwash as many dumb Americans as possible. They did this by advertising during sports and other TV shows that everybody watched. However, most Americans have an irrational fear of Weegee, so the campaign failed at its main goal. It DID succeed in getting people to shit themselves, however.