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the logo of this madness, aka bart simpson in the wikipedia logo

Weirdpedia — bad version of portuguese wikimerda to english, even though it is an imitation of wikimerda they own the copyright to it, yeah that's why it's not quite wikimerda because they registered this bullshit before, even with the bart simpson logo in the wikipedia logo, their articles are similar to Free Editing Wiki.

Weirdpedia Vs Decyclopedia[edit | edit source]

  • there are few articles in Weirdpedia, but more than in the Free Editing Wiki.
  • humor, which is certainly funnier than the topics in the Free Editing Wiki, but boring and many offend politicians
  • this encyclopedia was probably invented by Homer Simpson's son, Bart Simpson, and ours was invented by Albert Einstein.
  • many articles are just a picture with text and a very small caption

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