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WikiForge is a wiki hosting service that was started by one of Miraheze's directors, Universal Omega. Nobody knew it existed until UO decided that having a freemium hosting model was not worth his time and effort because 99% of users would immediately choose the free option, so he decided to "give" WikiForge to Miraheze through it becoming a subsidiary of Miraheze Ltd. (the expanded version of Miraheze) and making it a premium-hosting option only. Many promises were made to earn users' support, such as premium features being limited to things that Miraheze itself can't support, such as LTS versions and the choice to use non-CentralAuth SSOs, but as we all know, promises aren't legally binding (for example, someone can make up random bullshit about new web technology that "iNtEgrAtES tHE wOrLD oF WiKis wiTH wEb 3.o" and then turn around and start a vacuum-cleaner company).